With our partners, S.P.A.R.K.S. has delivered programming to tens of thousands of children through assemblies, classroom visitations, club scholarships,and science summer camp scholarships.

matter monster with solar sarah and kids

The following are just some of the schools to have received hands-on science enrichment in the last few years, thanks to our donors:


In Pennsylvania:

Berks County, Reading School District: 12th & Marion, 13th & Green, 16th & Haak, Riverside, Amanda Stout

          Hamburg School District: Perry

Carbon County, Jim Thorpe School District: Penn-Kidder Campus

Chester County, Coatesville School District: Kings Highway

       Chester County Solid Waste Authority – science camps and Saturday science

Columbia County, Berwick School District: Nescopeck, Salem, West  Berwick

     Bloomsburg School District: Bloomsburg Memorial, Beaver Main & W.W. Evans

Cumberland County, Shippensburg School District: Shippensburg Intermediate

Dauphin County, Harrisburg Area School District: Downey, Foose, Scott, Melrose

       Steelton Highspire SD: Steelton-Highspire

      Central Dauphin School District: South Side

Delaware County, Upper Darby School District: Highland Park

Lackawanna County, Scranton School District: Adams, McNichols Plaza, Prescott

Lancaster County, Cocalico School District: Adamstown, Denver, Reamstown

      Columbia Burough School District: Park

      Elanco School District: Blue Ball, New Holland

      Ephrata School District: Clay, Fulton, Akron

      School District of Lancaster: Buchanan, Burrowes, Carter & MacRae, Fulton, Hamilton, King, Lafayette, Martin, Price, Ross, Washington, Wharton, Wickersham,

Lebanon County, Palmyra Area School District: Lingle Avenue

Luzerne County, Hazelton School District: Hazelton, Heights Terrace, McAdoo, West Hazelton

Lycoming County, Jersey Shore Area School District: Jersey Shore, Avis , Salladasburg

Montgomery County, Norristown School District: Paul Fly, Hancock, Gotwals,

                                                               Whitehall, Marshall Street, Cole Manor

      Pottsgrove School District: Lower Pottsgrove

Northampton County, Easton School District: Cheston, Forks, Paxinosa

Northumberland County, Shikellamy School District: Beck & Chief Shikellamy

     Shamokin School District: Shamokin

Philadelphia County, Philadelphia School District: Ellwood, McCloskey

Tioga County, North Tioga School District: Clark Wood, R.B. Walter, Westfield

In New Jersey:

Bergen County, Mahwah Township School District: Lenape Meadows

Passaic County, Paterson School District: Public School # 27

In Oklahoma:

Tulsa County, Tulsa Public Schools: Whitman Elementary, Arrow Head Elementary

Other Areas Served in Prior Years:

Rochester, NY; Oakridge, TN; Chicago, IL; Pittsburgh, PA; Newark, DE; Oakmont, PA; Muhlenberg, PA

Comments sent from our partners’ schools…

From Jill Besenjak, Principal, Stockton School in Chicago, IL
(in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

… Thanks so much for bringing such a wonderful program to the Stockton students. You have provided them with memories that will last a life time. I truly believe the hands on science experiments you conducted with our students has sparked a new found love of science for many of them.

Sarah was her fabulous self as were her partners Static Stacy and Mom. I can’t rave enough about the program and Sarah is a true treasure.

Words don’t seem like enough, but thank you again for everything,

From Sue Rucker, First Grade Teacher. Stockton School in Chicago, IL
(in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

… Thank you, thank you for the wonderful science experiences you provided my first graders and the many Stockton School students. Your enthusiasm, your vitality and love of science was so evident and contagious. I can imagine that these experiences the students had with birds, sharks and chemistry will spark some future day Stockton students to become scientists. As their teacher observing, I found the inquisitiveness shining on their faces and their discoveries priceless.

The physical hands on, the jackets, goggles, tools, your speaking to them as smart and responsible students were all important aspects of the program. But most importantly, the REAL science experiences were marvelous. The science you brought was not “dumbed” down, it was not trite, it was not useless. The science was of this world, things that are real and of interest to them especially for young scientist. Can anything be more interesting than SHARKS?

Please continue to visit schools and excite students to want more science, to want to question and to wonder!

From Ursula Uzar, Grade 3 Teacher, Lenape Meadows School, Mahwah, NJ
(in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

… I can’t stress enough how much JOY and CURIOSITY you both have generated in science through Science Explorers here at Lenape Meadows School, Mahwah, NJ. Every time our third grade class participates in one of the programs, they get so involved in the hands-on activities and manipulate the tools used for that experiment. They have learned so much about the different science units! They keep talking about it and can’t wait for the next session to arrive! My class still talks about all of the experiments and continue to share what they know with others. When they are reading independently and a nonfiction topic comes up, they immediately connect to what they did as “scientists” at the Science Explorers workshop. You have truly made science come alive for my students and I can’t thank you enough. You are increasing their knowledge and awareness about how science is all around us, if you only just take a second to look and see.

I only hope that we can continue this tradition of Science Explorers in the future. Our children have greatly benefited from seeing and participating in the hands on experiments. I really think some of them will become scientists because they talk about it frequently. You have made an incredible impact on them and I am truly happy. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for getting them to love and understand science.

From Jennifer Lederer, Second Grade Teacher at Lenape Meadows School, Mahwah, NJ
(in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

… My second graders have been academically energized by the school based program that you support: Science Explorers.

They cannot wait for “their day” each month. They wear their Science Explorers/AMETEK t-shirts religiously for such events.

The sessions are attractive to all types of learners, but clearly the “hands on” exploration upon which the sessions are based, are attractive and motivating to every type of learner.

I hope that you will continue to support Science Explorers in the future. I have been fortunate in the past to attend Saturday sessions at Columbia University’s Barnard College put on by the American Association of University Women. These science, technology, engineering, and mathematics sessions are directed towards 7th grade girls. This is because research shows that many girls tend to “give up” in these areas at this age.

We need to motivate ALL of our students from a young age to “think outside the box” scientifically. YOU are supporting such development through your support of Science Explorers. Please continue to do so.

From Caridad Chrisomalis, Principal, Lenape Meadows School, Mahwah, NJ
(in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

… Thank you so much for the wonderful learning opportunities The SPARKS Foundation continues to provide each of our students every month.  As you know, the children, teachers and all staff members of Lenape Meadows School enthusiastically await your return each time you leave, and I am so pleased with how much the children have grown as scientists!

We are so proud to have been the recipients of AMETEK’s incredibly generous grant and we thank Science Explorers and AMETEK from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done and continue to do to build scientific curiosity in each Lenape Meadows student.

Without question your presence in our building has been a source of excitement and joy this year and we are so appreciative that you have supported our new science curriculum through thoughtful lesson plans and such wonderful hands on experiments. I am certain that you have inspired many young minds here to pursue science careers!

Please know that all you do has been inspirational, energizing and fun, and most importantly, that it has made a real difference in the education of our children. ….

From Patty Whitehouse (aka Ms. Tungsten), Assistant Principal, Stockton School, Chicago, IL (in partnership with AMETEK Foundation)

I am thrilled with the Science Explorers program at Stockton School. They certainly live up to their motto: If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it! Students have created catapults, dissected owl pellets, and exploded plastic bags filled with vinegar and baking soda. Best of all, they are learning important science concepts, making connections between the scientific world and real world situations, and recalling those concepts with ease. A week after bringing home mouse bones from an owl pellet, a kindergarten student described in vivid detail how an owl pellet is made—and how it’s regurgitated. “And,” said the student, “did you know that owls have two stomachs?” As a former science teacher, I am always looking for ways to spark students’ interest in science, and this certainly does the trick!

Comments sent from our favorite parents…

From Janet and John Eveland, Parents of Julia, Royersford, PA

I don’t know where to begin to express my thanks to Science Explorers and one of your amazing team members, Cameron Corrie.

Our daughter, Julia, relapsed with cancer this February. She had been attending the Science Explorers camp at Brooke Elementary. Unfortunately, with her chemotherapy, we knew that she would not be able to continue with the second series. Julia was so disappointed. We sent an email to the office and explained Julia’s situation. To our surprise, Cameron responded to our email, not only telling us that we were getting a refund, but that he would come to our home to complete a “private” class for Julia and two friends.

When you have a child that is ill, they miss out on so many things. It is so special when they just get to be a kid and enjoy things that other children do. What a wonderful day for Julia! She is still talking about how much fun it was for her and her friends!

Thank you so much to Cameron and Science Explorers! This simple act of kindness has made such a difference for Julia as she fights for the final cure.