Samantha Smith, Jersey Shore SD

Dear Julie and SPARKS, thank you so much for providing this opportunity to our students.  They love science and unfortunately do not get as many hands on science activities as we would like.  I know this will be an experience that they will remember for years to come.  Please keep us in mind for future workshops.

Megan Carr, Shippensburg Area SD, 4th grade Math & Science

Dear SPARKS Program Facilitators, my fourth grade students took part in your Matter Monsters activity yesterday and I wanted to email and thank you for an excellent program.  You were engaging, educational, professional, and highly entertaining!  The program ties in nicely with our standards on the steps of the scientific method, and the students had an excellent review on the states of matter.  They also learned about endothermic and exothermic reactions, which was new vocabulary for them.  They could not stop talking about it, and they were beyond excited to take home their monsters!  Thank you so much for your time and hard work!

Dear SPARKS and UGI, I am writing in appreciation of the valuable learning experiences the SPARKS program provided to my students. Many of my students are inspired to learn more about science and conducting their own experiments after attending the activities yesterday afternoon!

Mrs. Emily Rickman, Shippensburg

The program instructors are extremely knowledgeable, competent, and able to relate to kids.  They made the learning process fun and engaging.  The teaching strategies utilized encouraged total participation and active engagement. Seeing the excitement on my students’ faces when observing the experiments’ reactions was priceless! Thank you for inspiring a generation of potential scientists!


Dear Julie and The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation, My fourth grade class had the pleasure of participating in the science assembly and hands-on classroom instruction. It was my first time seeing the science “magic” happen and watch my students’ reactions while they learned. Thank you for providing such a high quality, fast paced, child friendly program. UGI can feel proud to have sponsored this day!

Judy Martin

Teacher, Washington Elementary School, Lancaster, PA
Daniel Corrado M.Ed, WHEMS 4th Science

Dear SPARKS & UGI, Just sending this e-mail in regards to the tremendous learning experience my students had when The SPARKS science staff came to my building (West Hazleton Elementary/Middle School). Thank you for funding this program and I can only hope it will continue for many years to come. Thank you for your support in allowing our students to achieve while sparking their interests in the sciences at the same time. 

Amanda Stutzman, Director of Curriculum, Bloomsburg Area SD

Hi Julie, thank you so much for arranging the STEM visit to Bloomsburg!  Not only was the feedback from students and teachers positive, but the laughter and facial expressions during the experiments said it all. Please let the rest of your team know we are so appreciative of everything they did for us! Have an explodingly awesome week!

Dear Julie, I am writing to thank you and S.P.A.R.K.S.  for another amazing day!  I think I was more excited than the students were, because this being my second year, I KNEW what was coming and I had my phone ready to record so we could watch it again in the classroom.  I even “wowed” my family with the video. I can’t tell you how much I referenced that day throughout the rest of the year!  We often went back and discussed the different chemical reactions, the observations we made, the safety precautions that we used, and why we used them.  Even though 4th grade is the only grade in elementary school that takes the Science PSSA’s, precious little time is spent on science.

Peggy Columbus, Amanda Stout Elementary, 4th grade teacher, Reading SD

Your staff was amazing!  They explained everything in very kid friendly terms. They patiently answered all the questions the students asked.  The students loved their scientific names too!  Many used the cards as a bookmark for weeks afterward. We would love to be considered for the program again next year, so please contact me when the time comes so that I can get the paperwork filled out.

Dear S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation and ENB – Thank you again for the wonderful presentation with our fourth graders.  Our students were so engaged by your instruction and the opportunity to do the hands on activities.  Everything was so well-organized and clear.  It was a great experience and they were still talking about it today.

Susanna Grubb

Kissel Hill Elementary, Lititz, PA
Richard R. Kaskey, Ed.D., Cumru Elementary School Principal, Shillington, PA

Dear Mrs. Merrill – On behalf of our third and fourth grade students and staff, I would like to once again thank you for bringing this fabulous assembly program to Cumru. Our students were very excited and totally engaged throughout the show. We here at Cumru definitely know that SCIENCE ROCKS!

Ashley Schneider, Mount Penn Elementary, Antietam Area SD

Good Afternoon, Thank you for the wonderful assembly held at our school yesterday.  The students and I really enjoyed it and I thought it was a great way for the kids to learn such important concepts in a fun way.  Your staff was excellent, professional, and did a great job with the students at all of their various levels.

Kristin Greenawalt, 4th grade teacher, Carter & MacRae in Lancaster, PA

Dear UGI and S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation, On behalf of my fourth grade class from Carter & MacRae Elementary, a HUGE thank you for sponsoring the S.P.A.R.K.S. program visit to our school. What an awesome experience my students had today.  From the ‘Tooling Around with Science’ assembly to the science workshop on “Matter Monsters” my students were actively engaged in the learning process.  Both their interest in science and learning new scientific information was obvious.  I wonder how many future scientists may have bloomed from the experience today!

Dear Ms. Merrill, on behalf of the faculty, staff and students of the Panther Valley Intermediate School, please accept our thanks and appreciation for the phenomenal science experience that was brought to our school. We are grateful to UGI Utilities for providing the finances to make this amazing program available to our students.


Now…as far as the 4th grade rotations with Galaxy Gray and Radioactive Rachel….Wow! This was incredible! Our 4th graders learned so, so much about the 3 States of Matter. They loved all the surprising results such as the Matter Monsters and combining the various states of matter in the gloves! We, and I am speaking as our school, hope you will return next year so that our students have these opportunities to become excited with Science. We are also grateful to have generous contributors such as UGI. Thank you again!

Suzanne Donato

4th grade teacher at Carter and MacRae Elementary

The presenters did a great job engaging our kids in the learning proves.  The hands on experiments were exciting to watch. The students loved the science “gear”, and we had a few students who wanted to wear their lab coats to school the next day. I saw many smiles and much enthusiasm as I walked around the classroom.

Lisa A. Mace, principal   

The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation has an incredible mission of promoting science literacy for students.  It was a wonderful opportunity for our school. Please pass along our thanks to those at UGI who made this possible.

Julie, Galaxy Gray and UGI Team, thank you again for such a memorable experience with the “Matter Monsters” program. Seeing the students’ excitement and engagement is music to a teacher’s ears. Students look forward to The S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation’s visit each year.

The presenters are always warm, welcoming, and thoroughly prepared. They are excellent communicators with students and we appreciate that they always step up to service the needs of our very diverse population, with plenty of ELL students and students with special needs.

Miss Lewis & her 4th graders, Lafayette Elementary

This year we decided to use our finished “Matter Monsters” in a new way. Students took them home to add any other decorations and accessories and brought them back to school so we could write narratives with them. We decided to have students write about an adventure that they went on with their Matter Monsters. Students loved it and it was an awesome way to tie science and writing together! We appreciate all you do and look forward to seeing you again next year!

Hi Julie… SPARKS’ assembly today was the best Science Assembly our school ever had! It was appropriate for all ages. We chose 2nd through 5th grades because we knew it would be rather crowded with all of us there. My students couldn’t stop talking about what Solar Sarah taught them on stage. They all wanted to be one of those chosen to go up on the stage! They loved wearing the safety goggles, white lab coat, and learning safety habits practiced by scientists. The experiments with the wood and alcohol really stumped them! It was great to have the audience always make a prediction before the actual test. Also, the visuals made it easy for all to see in the audience. Thank you!

Sandy Vigilante, 4 grade, John Beck Elementary, Warwick SD

I can’t thank you enough for the funding for our Science Day! The program is phenomenal, fits in with our State Standards and truly engages ALL students! Even my most reluctant learners were having a great time while learning. I saw laughs, questions and collaborating from everyone.    As a corporation, I’m sure that you wonder if the money is well spent. I can assure you that, educationally, it’s a way for all students to receive a quality program! Thank you!

Wendy Campbell (4th Grade), West Berwick Elementary, Berwick, PA

Dear Julie, I cannot express enough how wonderful this program is!  This is an amazing program that you put together for the students.  It aligns perfectly to our curriculum.  The ladies that come here are very prepared and everything always runs smoothly. It is a pleasure listening to them and I know our students love it.  It would be great to have them come back and do different experiments with the students.  Thanks so much for doing what you all do!!!

Patrick Brown, 4th Grade Classroom Teacher, West Berwick Elementary

Hello Julie, I just wanted to email and let you know how wonderful the SPARKS program went at West Berwick Elementary in Berwick, PA.  The presenters had my students’ attention from the start.  The effective teaching strategies such as explicit directions, checking for student understanding and attention, calling all students to attention with eyes and hands free, and using hand motions while learning concepts helped my students learn and remain engaged the entire period.  Not only were the teaching strategies in place, but the name cards with students’ specialized ‘science’ names were a hit.  I had students asking me to call them by their science names the next day.  I thought the experiments were well done, clearly used the scientific method throughout, and incorporated lab tools (especially the lab coats!) and proper techniques seamlessly and beautifully.  Thank you so much for maintaining this wonderful student learning opportunity.