Raise Money Through Goodshop

Support the mission of S.P.A.R.K.S. Foundation

with no cost to you!

 You’ll get great deals and discounts, too!

  There is an easy way you can help our cause by doing something you’re already doing – shopping online!  There is no cost to you, the shopper.

  • Goodshop works with more than 7,000+ stores to provide the best deals and coupons and the top stores also donate up to 20% of their purchase back to SPARKS Foundation’s cause.

  • This really works!  Goodshop has already raised more than $11 million for non-profits!

  • Money raised will help us fund more scholarships for deserving students for science clubs and camps as well as fund much-needed school-day science programming directly in schools that need it but cannot afford to pay for it themselves.

  • Just click on www.goodshop.com  for 1-click shopping access and make to choose SPARKS Foundation as the non-profit you want to support.

  • Remember . . . you can also shop your favorite stores, get the best deals at each, and give back to our cause ON THE GO, with the Goodshop app for iPhone and iPad.

Here are some examples of your savings and the percentage raised for SPARKS Foundation’s mission: